Manuscript Submission

Manuscript file should be submitted online by uploading at the menu "submit papers". If one finds difficulty in uploading, then one can send manuscript as an attachment on email to It is mandatory to include signed covering letter to editor separately.

For revised manuscript, select revised during submission from the check box. Response to reviewers comments or response to initial check can be submitted in other file (if any).

Files to be uploaded:

  1. Cover Letter* (Download word template)
  2. Manuscript* (Word format)
  3. Conflict of interest file* (Download word template)
  4. Turnitin plagiarism report*
  5. Copy right permission from owner (if any) to reproduce data (table or figures)
  6. Bioethics review Board/institutional committee approval certificate (if experiments involved animals and human subjects)
  7. Other file (if any)
  8. Other file (if any)