AJ Life Sci. 2021, 4 (1): 145-151

Transferring of Lactobacillus antibiotic resistant genes to Salmonella

Muhammad Ashraf, Sajjad-ur-Rahman, Muhammad Jawad Bashir * ,Rizwan Aslam ,Sultan Ali, Abdul Jabbar

Institute of Microbiology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan


Antibiotic resistance is a worldwide issue and becoming more problematic due to extensive misuse of antibiotics. The present study was aimed to analyze role of Lactobacillus in transmission of antibiotic resistance genes (tetM, ermB, sul2) to Salmonella and verification of these genes by real time polymerase chain reaction. A total of thirty fecal samples (15 were indigenous and 15 were broilers) were collected and analyzed by real time polymerase chain reaction. The results indicated that there was high expression of antibiotic resistance genes in Lactobacillus in case of broiler chicken than indigenous ones indicating Lactobacillus as a reservoir of antibiotic resistance genes but found to be non-significant in transferring these genes to Salmonella. In conclusion, the excessive use of animal growth promoters in poultry assists in acquisition of antibiotic resistance genes by normal micro-biota.

Keywords: Broiler, Non-significant, Antibiotic resistance, Real time polymerase chain




April 14, 2021

Received Revised

August 12, 2021


August 21, 2021

Available Online

September 11, 2021

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