AJ Life Sci. 2021, 4 (1): 28-39

Association between Interleukin-10 promoter polymorphism with type 2 Diabetes mellitus

Hafiz Umair Hassan 1, Rana Haider Ali2,Hafiz Muhammad Usman Siddiq 2 ,Fahad Ahmed 3 ,Hafiz Hanan Taj 1 ,Muhammad Farhan Rashid 1 and Sami Ullah 2

1 Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Lahore, Pakistan.
2 Institute of Microbiology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan.
3 Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy.


Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a multifactorial illness triggered by a complicated interplay of various genetic variants with various environmental variables. The quantity of replicated common genetic variants associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus has increased rapidly with the recent genome-wide association (GWA) research. Major health issue in the public are type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is common throughout the world. Diabetes mellitus incidence is growing and is anticipated to affect 300 million individuals by 2025. Diabetes has been suggested to alter patterns of cytokine expression as an immune-dependent illness. Insulin resistance (IR) is a disease that results in less than anticipated biological impact of a specified insulin concentration. Insulin resistance and insulin secretion decreased are both defined pathophysiology of T2DM. One of the most alarming health issues of the 21st century is the spread of diabetes around the globe. Our goal in this study was to identify the role of IL-10 polymorphism in T2DM patients. The average age of 60 median patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (31 males and 29 females) +-SD (45.91667 +-16.08799), fasting blood sugar (FBS) is +-SD (184.25 +-57.76387), hypertension (35 positive/25 negative) and 60 non-diabetic controls (32 males and 28 females) is +- SD (47.31667 +-15.13722). The group (T2DM patients and their control) had not a substantial distinction (P=0.33) and in each group (CC, TT, CT) there was a comparison between IL-10 gene polymorphism. T2DM patients and healthy individuals are not associated with the polymorphism of the gene IL-10 (SNP rs 3021097 (C/T).

Keywords: Insulin, Diabetes Mellitis Type 2, Polymorphism, Interleukin-10, Genotype frequencies.




March 31, 2021

Received Revised

July 14, 2021


July 24, 2021

Available Online

September 11, 2021

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