AJ Life Sci. 2021, 4 (2): 1-6

Description of a new species in the Genus Cosella Newkirk and Keifer (Acari: Eriophyidae) From China

Shahjahan Rajput 1* , Xiao Yue Hong 2 , Agha Mushtaq Ahmed 3 , Muhammad Haroon Hullio 1 , Shahnawaz Khuhro 1 and Javeed Shabbir Dar 4

1 Department of Entomology, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Agricultural College, Dokri, Pakistan

2 Department of Entomology, Nanjing Agricultural University, China

3 3Department of Entomology, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Pakistan

4 Department of Agronomy, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Agricultural College, Dokri, Pakistan


Eriophyoid mites are the most common groups of phytophagous mites found on various plants in Zhejiang Province of China. These mites are usually found on agricultural, horticultural, ornamental, and medicinal plants, including fruit and forest trees. Zhejiang Province is famous for its renowned mountains consist of Yandang, Putuo, Xuedou, Tianmu, Tiantai and Qingliang covered with green forest and wide range of vegetation due to which it is called as a treasure house of plants in China, which provide ecologically suitable living environment for eriophyoids species richness. Because of the diversity of host plants in Zhejiang Province, there is a dire need to investigate the presence of these minute creatures-especially those species that can be harmful to economic crops. Prior to this study genus Cosella Newkirk and Keifer held 43 species worldwide. Further one new leaf vagrant eriophyoid mite species in the genus Cosella was found from Zhejiang Province, China. A survey was carried out to determine the eriophyid mite fauna on natural vegetation of Linan City, Zhejiang Province China. One new species Cosella linanensis sp. nov. is described and illustrated from Rhododendron ovatum (Ericaceae). There was no apparent damage found on host plants where the new species was collected.

Keywords: Acari, phytophagous, Prostigmata, taxonomy, Tianmu, Qingliang




November 11, 2020

Received Revised

December 29, 2021



Available Online

December 31, 2021

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