AJ Life Sci. 2023, 7 (1)

Performance of Static Spinosad Traps against Bactrocera Spp. at Different Heights in Guava Orchard

Jawad Hyder Soomro, Bhai Khan Solangi, Din Muhammad Soomro, Ariz Muhammad Pirzado, Faiza Abbasi, Noman Khalid Randhawa, Shafee Muhammad and Syed Muzafar Ali Shah Rashdi

Department of Entomology, FCPT, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, 70050, Sindh, Pakistan.

Department of Statistics, FASS, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam, 70050, Sindh, Pakistan

PARC-Arid Zone Reseach Center, Umarkot, 69100, Sindh, Pakistan

Center of Agriculture and Bioscience International, Rawalpindi, 46000, Pakistan

Fruit flies (Bactrocera spp.) are considered serious insect pests of fruits and vegetables globally. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of pheromone traps containing Static Spinosad + Methyl eugenol in controlling B. zonata and B. dorsalis fruit flies. Traps were positioned at different heights (0, 1, 2, and 3 meters) to assess catch rates. Weekly monitoring of male fruit fly populations revealed fluctuations over time and across heights, with peak populations of both species (460.2 and 103.0 flies) observed at 2 meters and lowest populations (48.6 and 7.0 flies) at ground level (0 meters). Similarly, maximum populations for both species occurred in late October, with declines observed in February. Population fluctuations correlated positively with temperature and negatively with relative humidity. Traps utilizing Spinosad + Methyl eugenol were effective, particularly at 2 meters, suggesting this height is optimal for guava orchards. The study emphasizes the need for further research to refine fruit fly control strategies, focusing on trap placement and effectiveness across different orchards and vegetable crops.
Keywords: Bactrocera spp, Guava orchard, Methyl eugenol, Static Spinosad




January 01, 2024

Received Revised

April 24, 2024


April 24, 2024

Available Online

April 26, 2024

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