AJ Life Sci. 2023, 7 (1)

Detection of Lumpy Skin Disease Virus in Bovine Milk, Meat and Liver Samples Accessible in Lahore, Pakistan

Iqra Saddique1 , Muhammad Zubair Yousaf1

KAM School of Sciences, Forman Christian College University (FCCU), Lahore, Pakistan


Lumpy skin disease (LSD), a commercially significant virus that affects cattle, has recently spread to South and East Asia. The first LSD outbreak in Pakistan was reported in Jamshoro district in August 2019, with subsequent spread to other regions including Lahore. However, limited information exists on the origin and molecular epidemiology of the responsible LSDV strain. To specifically identify LSDV, published primers were utilized for PCR amplification, followed by gel electrophoresis analysis. The results indicate the absence of LSDV in the tested meat, liver, and milk samples, suggesting that they are free from contamination. This study highlights the importance of ongoing monitoring during LSD outbreaks and demonstrates that market vendors in Lahore adhere to food safety regulations, ensuring the provision of safe food to consumers. While the molecular characteristics and origin of the LSDV strain responsible for the initial outbreaks remain unknown, these findings provide reassurance regarding the safety of meat, liver, and milk products in the Lahore market that shows the absence of LSDV among the selected random samples.

Keywords: Lumpy skin disease, Quality, Safety, Molecular Identification




September 15, 2023

Received Revised

January 8, 2024


January 11, 2024

Available Online

January 29, 2024

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mzubairyousaf@fccolle ge.edu.pk

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